Echo Hills Library

We are working on the library right now! Soon, all of the items will be on this website so you can browse our library's content from the computer or your phone. You will even soon be able to reserve items like movies on DVD, movies on Blu-Ray, movies on VHS, sermons on DVD and CD, music on CDs/DVDs/cassette tapes, and much more. So, be sure check back soon.

Looking for a specific movie title? Or a book about Jesus? Use the search bar below to search our library.

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Our History

The libray for Echo Hills Baptist Church was established in 2018. It's in the process of being catalogued and every item put into inventory. More information will be provided when it is completed along with a Library Dedication during a future Sunday service.

Our Mission

To advance the Kingdom of God!
To stir believers in their Faith!
To praise God in all walks of life!

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